As a BASIS (British Agrochemical Standards Inspection Scheme) qualified Agronomist, Will Pinnock MD is often called upon to offer support to clients in both an advisory and practical capacity.

We often work closely with local authorities and facility management teams who have their own grounds staff but look to us for advice and help with more demanding situations such as the removal of notifiable weeds. This can be done on a contract basis whereby we plan training and support through the year or simply on an ad hoc basis.

We are able to fully support you in liaising with Local Authorities and the Environmental Agency should you have an incident with a notifiable weed.

Would you know what weeds were dangerous and needed reporting? Call us for advice.

ISO 14000
With the introduction of the new International Standard for Environmental Management – ISO 14000, companies now have guidelines relating to their harmful effects on the environment and how to improve their environmental performance.

In order to achieve conformity to this standard and certification, business’ will require expert help and advice as even the weeds in your yard need addressing.

We are able to assess your site on an annual basis and provide a management report for you to implement. This will go a long way to achieving your compliance.

If you would like to ask us any questions please feel free to call.