Do you appreciate how big a problem graffiti is?

In ‘The Telegraph’ on March 31st 2000, it was revealed that graffiti costs us £1 billion per year to deal with!

In public areas, if you report graffiti to your local council they should remove it within about 30 days, quicker if it is offensive.

But what about if your business premises gets ‘*tagged’ by vandals?

“It is your responsibility to remove graffiti from your property and you need to move quickly!”

The longer the paint is left, the harder it is to remove and the more likely you are to get more ‘*tags’ added.

Weedwise have staff trained in the specialist task of graffiti removal which requires some very harsh chemicals. We can offer a quick response to remove the graffiti from your premises.

If you are regularly being attacked we would recommend talking to us about a maintenance contract where we can visit on a routine basis. We are also able to coat the area to help prevent repeat offences.

*tags are the signature marks left by graffiti artists.