So often when a grounds maintenance contract is set in place, no consideration has been made for tree maintenance, yet they can cause untold damage through falling limbs if they are not regularly inspected.

To assist you with your Health & Safety responsibilities we can carry out tree surveys stating the condition of all trees on your site and recommendations for maintenance work.

We have our own specialist team of skilled tree surgeons who carry out all our tree care work. Services include:

  • Crown raising – Removing the lowest of the branches to an agreed height
  • Dead wooding / thinning – Allowing light in and removing hazardous dead branches
  • Dismantling and Felling – completely removing trees, section by section
  • Height reduction¬†– Reducing the overall height of a tree while keeping it’s shape
  • Chipping / Shredding – We can leave you with the chippings as a great mulch for your plants.