This is where we started and as a Specialist Weed Control Contractor, can offer the greatest amount of expertise and skill in this area.

We offer a range of services from full Local Authority contracts to one off visits to deal with problem weeds such as Japanese Knotweed, including their removal and eradication. We can support Schools with services from herbicide applications on playing fields to removal of noxious reported weeds.

Japanese Knotweed / Common Ragwort / Giant Hogweed

There are numerous noxious, injurious weeds in the UK but 99% of our time is spent dealing with these three. For more information on noxious weeds please call us.

We are able to fully support you in liaising with Local Authorities and the Environmental Agency on your behalf.

For more information visit our Special Services pages.

We can support you in an advisory capacity

Our staff are fully trained in the use of pesticides and our equipment is modern and highly effective. Add to that our knowledge of herbicides and you can easily see why WeedWise are a winning vegetation control team. Read more on our Consultancy page.