Giant Hogweed Example

What is Giant Hogweed?

Giant Hogweed is a very impressive site when fully grown but it is invasive and potentially very harmful. If the plant comes into contact with the skin the chemicals within the sap can cause photosensitivity and photo dermatitis. This is where the skin becomes very sensitive to sunlight and can become blistered causing pigmentation and long lasting scars. Handle with care.


Giant Hogweed can reach a height of up to 3.5 m tall and has a spread of over 1 m. It takes the appearance of a Cow Parsley like plant with thick bristly stems that are often purple blotched. Although it usually acts as a biennial it does not always behave in this manner that makes it a little unpredictable, not knowing quite what the plant life will be.

Why is it a problem?

This is a most invasive and undesirable plant out competing any others within a given area. It is harmful to humans and certain animals alike with the poisons contained within its sap.