What is Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed is Britain’s most invasive non-native plant. Originally introduced in 1825 from Asia as an ornamental plant. Due to its highly invasive nature it has now escalated to highly concerning proportions soon taking over any areas it is allowed to develop.

Why is it such a problem?

Japanese Knotweed is actually an amazing plant, its vigour is quite remarkable growing in ideal conditions between 5 and 10 cms daily. Native species of plants don’t stand a chance here, being taken over without being able to compete. Japanese Knotweed has no natural enemies. Japanese Knotweed also, due to its incredibly aggressive growth will emphasise any weakness in foundations, road structures, car parks, walls etc., causing, in many cases, costly damage if not addressed quickly and professionally. Japanese Knotweed in the UK is now covered by a number of legal orders, namely Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Environment Protection Act 1990, Community Protection Notices.

What can I do?

Don’t Panic! Contact WeedWise Ltd to take care of your vegetation control needs, upload your pictures if possible and send to us. We will give you a free telephone consultation and then site visit to discuss the most cost effective options available to ensure the removal and eradication of all Japanese Knotweed. This need not be a huge problem it is just a ‘situation that needs to be resolved’.

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    Step 1

    Make Enquiry

    We will discuss your needs on a case-by-case basis, with the intention of arranging a site visit.

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    Step 2


    Once on site, we will discuss the most effective and least obtrusive method of removing it.

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    Step 3


    Removal is carried out by our BASIS qualified and approved staff and taken away for disposal.


How can it be eradicated?

This is the big question! There are a number of different and equally efficient techniques – many factors determine the methods that may be the most effective and least intrusive to the environment. Each case is taken on individual merit, with detailed plans made according to a client’s needs. WeedWise Ltd has been developing its eradication techniques since 1999.

With Japanese Knotweed now being so much in the public eye the inevitable is happening, companies are popping up everywhere making promises that they cannot achieve. WeedWise Ltd will give you expert advice from BASIS qualified Agronomists (the highest qualification rated for the herbicide consultation industry). We will plan your eradication project from start to finish giving guaranteed, fixed cost options.

Identifying Japanese Knotweed

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    In Spring the roots begin to emerge, these are very unique and identifiable but also hard to discover.

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    When the summer months arrive, the stems are longer and the plant will have grown significantly.

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    Once the plant has reached a significant height it will bloom as shown in the image above.

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    During the Winter months, the stalks are a very strong and rigid form, this is the hardest to remove.